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you got owned haha

Uploaded By: Administrator. Added on: 13 September 2011.
In this video:


What?!? you didn't realize yet?? YOU GOT OOOWN3D, MY FRIEND!
But if you wanna see what is really getting owned... see the second video of the saga - You got owned haha PWN4G3 xD.... heheheh... then tell me what is really getting owned.

To avoid the classical "what's the music" comments... xD
Music: Unstable, by Adema

Yeeeessss \o/ 200.000++ views!
Edit: OMFG 1.000.000++ VIEWS!! O.O

to top up your omega 3 DHA, you could lead the life of ainuate eskimo, their omega 3 rich diet has contributed towards their healthy lives, 5 seconds later LOLOLOLOL

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